Spiritual Faculties

  • "The Buddha compared [the five spiritual faculties] to a team of horses with one lead horse and two pairs that are pulling a wagon. The lead horse [mindfulness] can go as fast or as slow as it likes, the others have to fall into step with it. The pairs have to be in balance with each other, otherwise if one goes faster than the other, the wagon will topple."
  • "The formula for growth is: 'purification of emotions brings clarification of thought.'"
  • "We can't think 'straight' when we are under the sway of strong emotions."
  • "One can have the opposite opinion by the flip of a coin. There is no inherent truth in any opinion, because it's simply linear thinking. However, if these thoughts are connected to our feelings we can no longer debate the opposite side."
  • "Faith is much easier for people whose primary defilement is greed, rather than hate."
  • "We realize what is most important and don't vacillate between social life, social action, practice, entertainment and the many other options open to us."
  • "Most people do not realize that energy is a great asset and squander it on totally irrelevant activities."
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