Chant Books
Abhayagiri Chanting Book (Abhayagiri Monastic Foundation, 2009)
Amaravati Chanting Book: Volume One (Amaravati Publications, 2015)
Amaravati Chanting Book: Volume Two (Amaravati Publications, 2015)
Buddhist Society of Western Australia Chanting Book ()
Chinese Buddhist Monastic Chants, edited by Pi-yen Chen (A-R Editions, 2010)
Common Ground Meditation Center Chants (Common Ground Meditation Center)
Introduction to Pāli Chanting Handbook, edited by DhammaJāta (2010)
Metta Forest Monastery Chanting Guide: Pali Passages with English Translations (Metta Forest Monastery, 2013)
Metta Forest Monastery Tone Rules for Pāḷi Chanting in the Thai Tradition (Metta Forest Monastery)
Academic Books
Peter Harvey, An Introduction to Buddhism: Teachings, History and Practices, 2nd ed (Cambridge University Press, 2012)
Sukumar Dutt, Buddhist Monks and Monasteries of India: Their History and Their Contribution to Indian Culture (G. Allen and Unwin, 1962)
G. Ariyapala Perera, Buddhist Paritta Chanting Ritual: A Comparative Study of the Buddhist Benedictory Ritual (Buddhist Cultural Centre, 2000)
Buddhist Studies in Honour of Walpola Rahula, edited by Sōmaratna Bālasūriya (Gordon Fraser, 1980)
Enchanting Powers: Music in the World’s Religions, edited by Lawrence E. Sullivan (Center for the Study of World Religions, 1997)
Encyclopedia of Buddhism, edited by Damien Keown, Charles S. Prebish (Routledge, 2010)
Grove Music Online (Oxford University Press)
Issei Buddhism in the Americas, edited by Duncan Ryuken Williams, Tomoe Moriya (University of Illinois Press, 2010)
Mark Allon, Style and Function: A Study of the Dominant Stylistic Features of the Prose Portions of Pāli Canonical Sutta Texts and Their Mnemonic Function (International Institute for Buddhist Studies, 1997)
Hendrik van der Werf, The Emergence of Gregorian Chant: A Comparative Study of Ambrosian, Roman, and Gregorian Chant (Hendrik van der Werf, 1983)
Terry Jay Ellingson, The Mandala of Sound: Concepts and Sound Structures in Tibetan Ritual Music (University of Wisconsin, 1979)
The Oral and the Literate in Music, edited by Tokumaru Yosihiko, Yamaguti Osamu (Academia Music, 1986)
David Hiley, Western Plainchant: A Handbook (Clarendon Press, 2000)
Dhamma Books
A.G.S. Kariyawasam, Buddhist Ceremonies and Rituals of Sri Lanka (Buddhist Publication Society, 1995)
Thanissaro Bhikkhu, Karma Q & A: A Study Guide (Metta Forest Monastery, 2018)
Bhikkhu Khantipalo, Lay Buddhist Practice: The Shrine Room, Uposatha Day, Rains Residence (1982)
Bhikkhu Nanamoli, Life of the Buddha According to the Pali Canon (Buddhist Publication Society, 2001)
Piyadassi Thera, The Book of Protection (Buddhist Publication Society, 1999)
Thanissaro Bhikkhu, The Buddhist Monastic Code I: The Patimokkha Training Rules Translated and Explained (Metta Forest Monastery, 2013)
Thanissaro Bhikkhu, The Buddhist Monastic Code II - The Khandhaka Rules Translated and Explained (Metta Forest Monastery, 2006)
Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo, The Divine Mantra (Metta Forest Monastery, 2006)
The Madhyama Āgama (Middle-Length Discourses), Volume 1, edited by Marcus Bingenheimer, Bhikkhu Anālayo, Roderick S. Bucknell (Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai America, 2013)
Bhikkhu Bodhi, The Noble Eightfold Path: The Way to the End of Suffering (Buddhist Publication Society, 1998)
Pāḷi Language
Nyanatiloka Mahathera, Buddhist Dictionary: Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines (Buddhist Publication Society, 1980)
Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary, edited by Thomas William Rhys Davids, William Stede (Pali Text Society, 1925)